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Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Your Smart Thermostat in Techny, IL

Smart Thermostat in Techny, IL

A smart thermostat is an invaluable device for managing energy consumption and enhancing comfort. But do you know how to use it correctly? Read on for tips to maximize the benefits of your thermostat in Techny, IL.

Plan Your Schedule and Use Auto Features

A thermostat can help you reduce energy consumption by allowing you to adjust its settings. Statistics show lowering the settings by 7 to 8 degrees for eight hours can reduce utility bills by 10%.

Start by creating a schedule that reflects your family’s daily patterns. You can choose lower settings when no one is at home and program your smart thermostat to raise temperatures as soon as you return.

Avoid making frequent adjustments to the settings, as it can overwork your AC and raise your utility bills. A smart thermostat can learn your movements and make changes where necessary.

Utilize Energy Reports to Maximize Energy Savings

Most smart devices can generate reports that show energy usage for the week or month. You can use the information to determine if your cooling system runs optimally.

For example, an increase in energy consumption is a sign your AC is becoming inefficient. Your HVAC system may have airflow blockages or faulty components. You may schedule routine HVAC maintenance to ensure optimal system performance.

Adjust the Fan’s Minimum Runtime

The minimum runtime is a feature that determines how long the fan will run per hour. Setting the minimum value will allow air to circulate throughout the house. Better air circulation can eliminate hot and cold spots in Northbrook’s hot summer weather.

Review the Thermostat’s Location

The location of the device can affect your AC’s performance. So, ensure the thermostat is at least five feet above the ground. It should be away from doors and windows to avoid false readings due to drafts.

If you detect your AC is faulty, talk to our Trane Comfort Specialists to minimize the risk of costly repairs. Our EPA-Certified technicians can work on virtually any model of air conditioning equipment. Contact Besco Air Inc. Heating & Cooling for unbeatable AC solutions in Techny.

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