Fall Furnace Maintenance in Golf, IL

Don’t Forget Fall Furnace Maintenance in Golf, IL

October 29, 2021

Now that fall has arrived, it’s paramount to have a properly working furnace to ensure your household’s comfort, health, and safety. Contact your professional HVAC technician if you aren’t sure whether your furnace is in good condition. Here are some reasons to schedule furnace maintenance this fall in Golf, IL.

Reduces Energy Output/Lower Energy Costs

Although the main goal when it’s cold outside is to keep your come warm and cozy, you also want to save energy and lower your utility bills. Scheduling furnace maintenance will keep your furnace running efficiently throughout the cold months of the year.

During maintenance, the technician will perform several tasks, such as inspecting the blower components, tightening the electrical connections, and measuring the airflow. All these activities ensure that the furnace is working efficiently and at full capacity. This reduces the strain on the furnace, lowering energy consumption and related costs.

Increases Safety

As you keep your household warm when the weather is cold, you should also make sure that everyone who lives with you is safe. Furnaces burn oil, propane, or natural gas to release the heat that keeps you warm. However, a leak in your heating system can cause gas or carbon monoxide leakage, which creates health risks and can even cause death in extreme cases.

During a fall furnace maintenance session, the technician will review all the safety aspects of the furnace to ward off any potential problems. Safety maintenance procedures include adjusting and cleaning the burner assembly, inspecting the heat exchanger, replacing or cleaning the air filters, and testing the safety controls.

Extends the Lifespan of the Furnace

Scheduling regular maintenance will prolong the furnace’s lifespan and save you the hassle and cost of purchasing a new one. Your technician will make the necessary repairs and protect your heating system from potential damage, so your furnace can last for up to 20 years.

Annual maintenance services can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars because you won’t have to spend money on unnecessary repairs or replace your furnace prematurely. If you live in Golf, IL, contact us at Besco Air Inc. to schedule your annual furnace maintenance.

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