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Cut AC Costs with Spring Maintenance and These Tips in Glen View, IL

spring AC maintenance in Glen View, IL

Spring maintenance will help you increase the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and enhance cooling performance. It helps to prepare your system for the stress of handling the cooling requirements of the hot season. Here are some tips on ways you can cut AC costs along with annual spring maintenance visits from a professional in Glen View, IL.

Replace Your Air Filters

Your air filters are responsible for trapping debris, dirt, and other air pollutants. If your filters are dirty, they reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. This leads to higher energy consumption and high monthly electricity bills.

HVAC experts recommend that you replace your air filters once every four to six weeks. Find the right filters with the proper MERV rating. High MERV ratings above eight can reduce airflow in your home and reduce the efficiency of your system.

Use Fans and Ventilation

Ceiling fans can help you cool down due to their wind chill effect on your skin. Remember to turn off the ceiling fans when you leave your house since they only cool people, not the actual temperature of the room. That will help you to increase your energy savings.

Use the bathroom and kitchen fan to remove humidity and heat from your home. Ensure that the fans are also vented to the outdoors, not just to the artic.

Prevent Leakages

Prevent hot air from leaking into your home by sealing cracks and openings in your home. You can use weather-stripping and caulk to seal air leaks on your windows and doors. Covering your windows with blinds and drapes will prevent daytime heat gain through the windows.

Efficient Use of Thermostat

If you’re installing a new thermostat, avoid placing it in direct sunlight or near major electronic equipment s=that generates heat. The heat from the sun or the electrical appliances can cause your thermostat to give faulty readings. Your system will overwork, leading to high energy bills.

At Besco Air Inc. Heating & Cooling, we offer in-home estimates and 24/7 emergency services. Please contact our friendly staff today for all your HVAC maintenance and installation services.

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