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Can Snow and Ice Damage My Heat Pump in Golf, IL?

Heat Pump in Golf, IL

Winters around Golf, IL bring plenty of cold air and the accompanying precipitation. Is your unit designed to withstand that ice and snow? Below are some of the types of damage that winter weather may cause to your heat pump.

Restricted Airflow

Your heat pump must be able to draw air through the outdoor unit to transfer heat. When snow builds up around the outside of the unit, it restricts that air from flowing properly. After a storm, gently brush away snow from your unit with a broom to keep it running efficiently.

Coil Fin Damage

As snow and ice melt, it may drip into the fins on your condensing coil. When it refreezes, the water expands, causing the fins to bend and warp, further restricting airflow through the coil. The best way to prevent this is to keep the snow cleared away from your unit, especially off the top.

Accelerated Corrosion

Not only does the melting snow pose a problem as it freezes in the coils, but it also accelerates corrosion. Impurities in the snow can form acetic acid, which corrodes the copper tubing of the condensing coil. These impurities may be airborne, but they may also come from the snow collecting on the roof and then dripping off.

Impact Damage

As the snow melts from your roof, it may form ice dams at the edges where the water refreezes. While the icicles may look pretty, they can pose significant hazards to your heat pump.

If a large icicle breaks off and lands on your unit, the resulting damage can require significant heat pump repairs. Keep an eye on the edges of your roof and knock down ice early if it starts forming. Have a professional check to make sure you have enough insulation to prevent ice dams from forming in the first place.

Don’t wait for a major breakdown to find out that ice and snow have damaged your unit. Call to schedule your heat pump maintenance with one of the dependable technicians at Besco Air Inc. Heating & Cooling today.

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