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3 Reasons Your Home’s Humidity Matters in Golf, IL

Humidity Matters in Golf, IL

One thing many homeowners don’t realize is that they need to keep the humidity in their home balanced. If your home is too humid or not humid enough, it can cause problems. Here are three reasons why it is important to keep your home’s humidity at an optimal level in Golf, IL.

1. Indoor Air Quality

Humidity that’s too high or too low can greatly affect the indoor air quality of your home. If your home doesn’t have enough humidity, the dry air can cause many issues such as aggravated sinuses, nasal discomfort, chapped lips, sore throat, and dry skin. On the other hand, high humidity may result in condensation on walls and windows, which could potentially damage your house’s structure and allow biological growth that could be dangerous.

2. High Humidity

Having a home that’s very humid can have many downsides, including making your skin and floors sticky. When the air has a lot of moisture, the sweat that you produce doesn’t evaporate easily, so your body can feel sticky. This humidity can result in condensation on different surfaces, making them sticky, too. High humidity can also invite more bugs to dwell inside your home, including creatures such as dust mites, roaches, and spiders.

3. Low Humidity

A home that doesn’t have enough humidity will have its fair share of problems, including more dust circulating through your living space. Air that is dry causes dust and other particles to linger longer, which can potentially cause respiratory issues and aggravate allergies. Low humidity can also have a negative effect on certain materials such as wood, which needs a certain amount of moisture to maintain its form.

Keeping your home’s humidity balanced is a key part of making your home comfortable for you and your household members. Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Besco Air Inc. Heating & Cooling for indoor air quality services as well as preventive HVAC maintenance.

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