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Watch Out for These Household Allergens in Buffalo Grove, IL

Household Allergens in Buffalo Grove, IL

You’ve probably experienced how bad your allergies can become when you go outdoors, but do you know where to look for hidden allergens inside your home? Find out about some of the top household allergens and preventative measures you can take around your Buffalo Grove, IL home.

1. Household Cleaners and Chemicals

Common household chemicals and beauty supplies like perfume can easily aggravate your allergies. Even after use, the air can still contain particles from these products.

Chemical allergies can cause nasal itching, breathing issues, and runny or itchy eyes. If you develop these symptoms after cleaning or using chemical items, throw away those products immediately. You can also try switching to natural products, like vinegar, to clean instead of dangerous household cleaners.

2. Excess Moisture

High indoor humidity encourages the formation of biological contaminants and mildew, both of which can trigger severe allergic reactions in many people. And because indoor humidity often becomes harder to control during the warmer months, it’s extremely important to invest in regular AC maintenance. For some homeowners, using a HEPA air filter makes it easier to control humidity with the AC.

3. Pet Dander

One of the most prevalent types of indoor allergens comes from pets. Pet dander worsens allergies in those who are allergic to it, and it can also cause a mess in the home.

Washing your pet once every two weeks can help keep pet dander and shedding to a minimum. You can also install certain types of indoor air quality products, like the REME HALO® whole-home in-duct air purifier, to improve the quality of air inside your home.

4. Bedding and Curtains

Allergens, such as pollen or pet hair, can get caught in your carpets, curtains, mattresses, and pillows, triggering allergy and asthma symptoms. Keep your bedding and carpets clean by washing them often.

Be sure to routinely clean all the upholstery in your home. Consider using a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner once or twice a week to keep your home extra clean and free of allergens.

5. Dust and Dirt

Dirt and dust mites can cause your allergy symptoms to flare up. Regular cleaning can minimize the likelihood of allergy and asthma symptoms, but excessive cleaning with some chemicals might have the opposite effect.

Investing in regular duct cleaning is an effective way to reduce allergens from dust and dirt. At Besco Air Inc. Heating & Cooling, our regular sales on duct cleaning and other services make it possible to save money on HVAC maintenance that can have a real, positive impact on your allergies.

6. Smoke and Smog

Allergies are a common reaction to cigarette smoke and other forms of environmental pollution, like smog. You may need to wash your clothes and linens more than normal if you reside in a very polluted environment.

7. Children’s Toys

Temperatures above 70 degrees and relative humidity over 40% are ideal for dust mite growth. If you live in a home with children, always remember that dust mites thrive on stuffed animals. You can sterilize these toys by freezing them on a regular basis.

Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Today

We offer several indoor air quality products, including the REME HALO® whole-home in-duct air purifier, the iWave-R, Aprilaire air purifiers, and Trane CleanEffects™ Air Cleaners. With the iWave-R, you can enjoy a no-maintenance air purifier that kills bacteria and allergens as they pass through the HVAC system.

With an Aprilaire air purifier, you can take advantage of whole-home air purification with a system that attaches directly to the HVAC unit. One of our HVAC specialists can help you choose which indoor air product to install in your home.

One of our certified technicians can inspect your home for sources of indoor allergens and make helpful recommendations that you can use to improve allergy symptoms. Contact Besco Air Inc. Heating & Cooling today to book an indoor air quality inspection.

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