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Why Won’t My Why Won’t My Pilot Light Stay Lit in Chicago, IL ??

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A failing pilot light not only leaves your Chicago, IL home uncomfortable, but it’s also unsafe. If your pilot light won’t stay lit, it’s likely due to one of these four reasons.

A Bad Flame Sensor

The copper tube located next to the pilot light is its flame sensor. This sensor decides when to shut off the gas flowing to the system. It’s a safety feature that protects you from gas hazards, but it can cause problems.

A dirty, broken, or misaligned flame sensor doesn’t perform at its best. It might fail to sense the flame of the pilot light. If this happens, the flame sensor will shut off the gas flow to the furnace.

A Dirty Furnace Burner

Gas that flows to your pilot light comes through the furnace burner. If the burner gets dirty, it can weaken the pilot light’s flame.

The flame sensor might not realize the flame is lit if the flame is too weak. As a result, the pilot light might go out. If the pilot light is yellow instead of blue, you may need professional maintenance by an HVAC technician to clean the pilot light orifice.

Gas Valve Issues

A gas valve delivers the gas to keep the pilot light lit. If you’re sure that the valve is on, but the pilot light continues to go out, you may have a damaged gas valve.

A Faulty Gas Regulator

The gas regulator controls the pressure of the gas that comes into your home. This regulator is outside your home at the gas meter. An old, damaged, or broken regulator isn’t effective.

An inefficient gas regulator affects gas flow and can fail to produce steady gas pressure. If the pressure is too low, the pilot light won’t remain lit.

Our HVAC technicians can check your pilot light and find the best solution to the problem. Contact us at Besco Air Inc. Heating & Cooling to discover why your pilot light keeps going out.

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