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Is My AC Beyond Repair in Hoffman Estates, IL?

AC replacement in Hoffman Estates, IL

Residential air conditioners are most likely to run into issues during the hottest summer days. Unfortunately, unexpected AC problems can quickly put your family’s safety and comfort at risk. Here are a few common warning signs that indicate you may soon need an AC replacement in Hoffman Estates, IL.

Problems with Airflow

When you hear your AC kicks on, you should notice cool air coming from your vents within minutes. A lack of consistent or effective cooling can point to an issue with the air conditioner itself or your ductwork. When air can’t circulate efficiently through your home, your living spaces will often be left feeling too warm and muggy.

Strange AC Odors

A healthy air conditioner shouldn’t produce any odors. Sharp burning or chemical odors could mean you have an overheating system struggling with an electricity issue. Stale or musty odors often point to a problem with organic growth that can quickly lower your indoor air quality.

Abnormal Noises

Pay attention to new grinding, screeching, whining, or hissing noises coming from your AC. Modern air conditioning systems should produce minimal sounds when running. Loud or harsh noises are not a normal sign of aging, and they likely mean you require professional HVAC service.

High Monthly Utility Costs

Outdated air conditioners can’t compete with the superior energy-efficiency ratings of newer models. The older your home cooling system, the harder it must work to provide enough cooling for your household. Additionally, your AC’s efficiency will slowly decrease over the years, costing you more money on your monthly energy bills.

Consider a new AC installation to enjoy higher indoor comfort and lower utility bills. These modern HVAC systems also boast improved eco-friendliness and updated manufacturer warranties. Call our skilled technicians at Besco Air Inc. Heating & Cooling now to schedule your AC replacement in Hoffman Estates, IL.

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