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Has Your Home’s Boiler Been Acting Up this Winter?

boiler repair services in Morton Grove

Morton Grove’s wild winter weather means that you need a reliable boiler to keep your home comfortable. The last thing you want during the middle of a cold spell is a malfunctioning boiler. If your home’s boiler has been acting up this winter, it’s important to arrange for prompt boiler repair services. Here are some common boiler problems and tips on how to handle them.


Short-cycling is common in homes where the boiler is oversized for the heating load, explains the Department of Energy. When the boiler short cycles, the extra wear and tear could require more frequent boiler repair services. The boiler could end up with a shorter lifespan. Short-cycling also impacts your comfort. Because the heating system quickly turns off, it may not deliver enough heat to each room in your home.

Leaking or Dripping

As boilers age, they’re more likely to leak or drip. These problems often result from rust or corrosion. If your home has hard water, corrosion may cause valves to corrode and seals to fail. The boiler’s pressure could also be too high. This will force some of the water out of the valves. It’s best to leave boiler leak detection to our heating system experts, who safely determine the source of the leak.

Whistling Sounds

A boiler that sounds like a teapot is not just annoying. It means that something’s not right, and boiler repair services are needed. The noise is called kettling, and it results from sediment or mineral buildup. Some sediment buildup in the boiler’s tank is normal. Minerals settle out of the water, and they collect on the surfaces. When too much sediment builds up on the boiler’s heat exchanger, it will make a whistling noise. Professional boiler maintenance will get rid of the buildup and the frustrating sound.

To learn more about boiler problems, take a look at Besco Air Inc. Heating & Cooling’s boiler repair services, or get in touch with our heating system experts

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