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Avoid Making These 3 Mistakes With Your Thermostat in Niles, IL

Thermostat Mistakes in Niles, IL

Using your thermostat correctly will help you get maximum comfort from your heating system. Unfortunately, many homeowners in Niles, IL make thermostat mistakes that result in an increase in energy and repair costs. Discover below common thermostat mistakes and how to avoid them.

Installing the Thermostat in the Wrong Place

A thermostat detects indoor temperatures and sends signals to the heating system to regulate temperatures to your preferred levels. Therefore, if you install the device in a room whose temperatures are different from the rest of the house, your device will be issuing the wrong instructions to the heating system.

For instance, if you place it too close to the kitchen or other heat-generating areas, it will read higher temperatures than the temperatures in the rest of your house. As a result, it may trigger the heating system to raise the temperatures by a small margin, leaving you cold and frustrated.

Always install your thermostat in an area that accurately reflects the temperatures of the whole house. Also, it is not advisable to install the device at a height where children can reach it and tamper with your settings.

Cranking Up the Thermostat

Most homeowners assume that the higher you set the thermostat, the faster it will heat your home. Unfortunately, the practice does not affect how fast the thermostat heats your home.

Setting your thermostat too high makes it run for an extended period. Running for long results in frequent breakdowns and more repair costs. Always use your usual preferred temperature range rather than cranking up the thermostat.

Choosing DIY Repairs

You may read or watch a few things about thermostats and feel confident to work on yours. You may also want to hire someone who knows a few things about thermostats to work on your device to save on repair costs.

However, these practices are dangerous because you may cause more harm to your thermostat. Always allow a professional to work on your device.

Contact Besco Air Inc. Heating & Cooling for quality heating services. We will inspect and fix any thermostat issues to ensure your device serves you efficiently.

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