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4 Signs You Need Immediate Heat Pump Repairs in Elmwood Park, IL

Heat Pump Repairs in Elmwood Park, IL

Like other major household appliances, heat pumps break down occasionally during the course of their service lives. Here, we explain signs that show your heat pump in Elmwood Park, IL needs repairs.

1. High Energy Bills

If you notice a sharp increase in your energy bills, your heat pump may be the culprit. Faulty heat pump components or a faulty compressor can make the system consume more energy than it should.

2. Strange Sounds and Smells

An efficient heat pump should not create an uncomfortably noisy or smelly indoor environment. So, you need to schedule repair services whenever you detect strange smells or noises from your heating system.

Some of the weird noises that spell trouble include banging, hissing, gurgling and buzzing. Smells that you shouldn’t ignore include musty, rotten egg, burning or chloroform-like odors.

3. Cooling in Heating Mode

During winter, your heat pump can continue making your house colder if it has malfunctioning components. For instance, the reversing valve may fail to change the direction of the refrigerant flow, causing the fluid to continue moving heat from your house to the surroundings instead of bringing heat into your home. Other issues that can make your heat pump fail to warm your house include refrigerant leaks, ductwork leaks, thermostat issues or a clogged air filter.

4. Running Constantly

Efficient single-stage heat pumps run in cycles. Each cycle should take 10 to 20 minutes.

However, these systems may run constantly when the outdoor temperatures are too high or low. If your single-stage heat pump never takes breaks even when it’s not too hot or cold outside, it’s time to schedule repairs.

Seeking repair services early helps to nip your heat pump issue in the bud before it turns into a more serious and costly problem. Call our technicians at Besco Air Inc. Heating & Cooling for professional heat pump services whenever your system develops issues. We always do our best to keep you comfortable.

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