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3 Ways to Maximize Heat Pump Efficiency in Elgin, IL

Heat Pump Efficiency in Elgin, IL

An efficient heat pump shouldn’t break down regularly, doesn’t consume excessive energy and allows you to enjoy peace of mind and indoor comfort. Below, we will discuss some tips for maximizing heat pump efficiency in your Elgin, IL home.

1. Replace Your Air Filter

A clogged air filter makes it difficult for your heat pump to draw enough air for cooling or heating. When a system doesn’t get enough air from your living space, it works harder than usual to circulate the air and causes additional wear and tear. Replace your air filter every 60 to 90 days to ensure the system doesn’t need to overwork.

2. Clear the Area Around the Outdoor Unit

Your heat pump creates a comfortable indoor environment by disposing of heat outdoors or absorbing heat from the environment, depending on the season. For the system to conduct these functions efficiently, air must flow freely from the outdoor unit. Any vegetation or debris around the outdoor unit interferes with free airflow.

Consequently, the system struggles to eliminate or bring in heat. Remove any vegetation growing around the outdoor unit to enable the component to conduct its functions efficiently. However, don’t open the unit to clean any internal parts, as only professionals should do that.

3. Schedule Seasonal Maintenance Services

Preventive maintenance services help address issues before they happen. For instance, excessive friction between moving parts of your system can accelerate the wear and tear of the components. When technicians visit your home for a maintenance service, they can lubricate and inspect the moving parts to avoid malfunctions.

They also clean all components, fix all leaks, repair frayed wiring and confirm whether the thermostat relays signals effectively to your heat pump system. These procedures keep the system in good shape, thus increasing its lifespan and reducing the downtime associated with regular HVAC breakdowns. Ideally, aim to have maintenance performed on your system twice annually.

Boosting your HVAC system’s efficiency enables it to serve you for a long time with minimal issues. Call Besco Air Inc. Heating & Cooling for expert heat pump repair services whenever you need help with your system in Elgin, IL.

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