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3 Reasons for Your Home’s Reduced Airflow in Skokie, IL

Reduced Airflow in Skokie, IL

The air quality in our homes is important for overall health and comfort. A decrease in airflow can interfere with this, causing discomfort and other issues. Let’s explore some of the common reasons for reduced airflow in your Skokie, IL home.

1. Clogged Filters or Vents

Filters and vents are responsible for allowing air to flow freely through the HVAC system in your home. Over time, these components can become clogged with dust, dirt, and debris that accumulates as air passes through them.

When clogs occur, the air is unable to travel freely and this reduces the amount of air that reaches each room. To address this issue, simply check all filters and vents for buildup and have an AC repair person replace or clean as needed.

2. Leaky Ducts

The ductwork system in your home transports cooled or heated air from the furnace or AC unit throughout the house. Leaks in these ducts can cause cool or warm air to escape before it has a chance to reach its intended destination – resulting in reduced airflow throughout the house. A professional HVAC technician can use special equipment to pinpoint leaks and seal them with mastic sealant or metal-backed tape.

3. Inadequate Insulation

Insulation helps keep conditioned air inside during hot summer months and warmer air inside during cold winter months. If walls or ceilings are not adequately insulated, cooler/warmer air can escape through small openings between walls and roof rafters. This results in reduced airflow throughout the house.

As a homeowner, you should consult a technician if inadequate insulation appears to be an issue within your home. They will be able to inspect areas where insulation might need additional attention and make recommendations for improvements accordingly.

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