Reducing HVAC Energy Use this Fall in Elgin, IL

Learn About Reducing HVAC Energy Use this Fall in Elgin, IL

September 21, 2023

Fall is a beautiful time of the year in the Midwest, but the temperature can drop drastically very quickly. To stay warm, many homeowners raise the temperature setting on their heaters but then pay for it on their utility bills. Stay warm without breaking the bank with these guidelines for reducing HVAC energy use in Elgin, IL, in the autumn and winter.

Start With the Right Heating Method

You have multiple different heating methods to choose from, with some options offering better energy efficiency than others. When it comes time to get a new heater, upgrade to an energy-efficient option. To help you find energy-efficient furnaces and boilers, search for the ENERGY STAR sticker.

These products must adhere to somewhat stricter efficiency standards than required by law. Still, some ENERGY STAR models offer better efficiency ratings than others, so compare carefully. Eco-friendly homeowners may want to consider a heat pump since they are often far more efficient than most traditional heating systems.

Lower the Temperature Slightly

Temperature rise refers to the difference between the temperature of the incoming air and the temperature of the heated air. A greater temperature rise requires more energy from the heater. Reduce the temperature rise by slightly lowering the temperature on the thermostat.

If you and your family leave for several hours during the day, lower the temperature on the thermostat even more. Doing so will help to save money on heating during that time.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats automate your temperature preferences throughout the day so you don’t have to. These devices allow you to set the heater to change from one temperature during the day to another at night when the family comes home.

Smart thermostats also allow you to control your HVAC system from anywhere through an app on your smartphone. Users even get notifications if something seems off.

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