Besco Air HVAC Glossary of Terms:


Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency is a measure of the heating efficiency of your furnace.  The minimum AFUE percentage for furnaces (according to the DOE) is 78%.

Air Cleaner (whole-house)

A whole-house air cleaner is an electronic filtration unit that removes airborne particulates from your indoor environment.


The distribution or directional movement and velocity of air.

Air Handler/Coil Blower

The indoor component of a heat pump or air conditioning unit that circulates cooled or heated air throughout the ductwork of your home.

Air Purifiers (UV)

Air treatment systems like the Sanuvox UV Air Sterilization System utilize ultraviolet light to eradicate  indoor environmental contaminants.


Microscopic organisms that grow and reproduce in warm, humid places.


A BTU (British thermal unit) is a quantity of heat energy. One BTU is the amount of heat necessary to raise a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.


The Combined Annual Efficiency measures the quantity of heat produced versus fuel cost for both home and water heating.

Central Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning system that cools air at a central location and subsequently distributes it to and from rooms using a fan (or fans) and a network of ducts.


The component part of an air conditioner or heat pump that compresses and pumps the necessary quantities of refrigerant.

Condenser Coil

The outdoor portion of an air conditioner or heat pump that collects or releases heat.


A movable plate that regulates airflow through the ducts.


Acronym representing The United States Department of Energy.


The pathways through which air is directed from the furnace or the blower coil throughout the various rooms in your home.


An EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) designation bestowed upon energy efficient HVAC products.


Acronym representing The United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Evaporator Coil

The portion of an air conditioner or heat pump inside the air handler or attached to the furnace. It absorbs heat from the air inside of your home.

Germicidal Lamps

These lamps use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria on exposed surfaces.


Humidifiers introduce moisture into the indoor environment.


Used to set desired levels of humidity throughout the home.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

Programmable Thermostat

A thermostat with the functionality to record varying time/temperature settings for your cooling and/or heating system.


A chemical that provides the cooling effect to air conditioners.

Single Package

A combined heating and cooling system that is contained in a single outdoor unit.

Split System

An HVAC system in which some parts are inside the home and others are located outdoors.


This device allows you to set the desired temperature for your heating and/or cooling systems.