Chicago Germicidal Lamp Repair, Service & Installation

Besco Air is the Chicago HVAC contractor who is on the cutting edge of all state-of-the-art high tech indoor air quality solutions, and we are proud to be able to offer germicidal lamps to our customers who are serious about protecting the health of their families.  These lamps utilize ultraviolet light to eradicate virtually all airborne contaminants, including mold, spores, dust, viruses, bacteria, and other microbial particulates.  These are the same types of lamps that are used to keep the environment in hospitals, laboratories, and clean rooms 99.9% sterile.  Besco Air can mount germicidal lamps in your air duct system to ensure nearly pristine indoor air quality.

These days people are becoming more aware of the viruses and bacterial matter that spread through the air that we breathe, and solutions such as germicidal lamps are a logical response.  If you are interested in an indoor air quality evaluation for your home or business, call Besco Air at (770) 773-0200 in Chicago proper or (847) 397-1777 from the outlying areas and we will be glad to let you know exactly what we offer and provide you with a free estimate on germicidal lamp installation.