Chicago Air Cleaner Repair, Service & Installation

Many people do not realize just how important indoor air quality is, and how significantly indoor pollutants can harm our health.  It may be kind of hard to fathom, but the EPA states that indoor air can be as much as 500% more polluted than the air outdoors!  This is especially hard on children, who are more susceptible to airborne contaminants, and it is also a major contributor to asthma and many different types of allergies.

Besco Air has responded to this ubiquitous health hazard by offering our customers a number of indoor air quality solutions, including whole-house air cleaners.  We service and install Honeywell Whole-House Electronic Air Cleaners as well as their Deep-Pleated Media Air Cleaners, and these units routinely capture and filter as much as 98% of the airborne particulates that float through your home and threaten your health.

The reality is that what when you are consistently breathing dust, bacteria, pet dander, dirt particles, mold, and other microbial particulates, you are putting your health at risk and potentially exacerbating existing health problems.  Call Besco Air today at (770) 773-0200 in the city or (847) 397-1777 from the suburbs and we will be more than glad to answer any questions that you may have about our indoor air quality solutions.